Privacy Policy


Kenzan Luxury Camps Privacy

Kenzan Camps and Safaris take privacy of their users seriously and thus describe here what information we will gather from our guests as well as visitors of our website. We ensure all our clients that their information will be used only to serve them in a better way. The policy we share here is adopted by all the entities relating to our services. Throughout the privacy policy, we use terms like “we, our and us” to reference Kenzan Camps and Safaris and all the legal entities connected to us.

What do we mean by Personal Information?

By personal information we mean your personal details that would include your name, address, gender, age, picture along with credit card details for deposits and bookings.

Why we collect your Personal Information?

We collect your personal information in order to:

  • Provide best services to our customers. Collection of this information enables us to assist in suggesting and providing you best of the services and facilities.
  • The information collected is used for making reservations and would enable us to give you contact you in any matter related to your stay with us.
  • It enables us to keep our guests informed. We use your personal information to advise you promotions or tours of your interest. For this purpose, your information may be shared to a third party but these parties are also contractually bound to ensure privacy protection of your information. If you wish not to receive any promotional information from us, you can indicate when you register with us or can inform us via email.
  • Information may be collected in relation to surveys conducted by our company in order to better understand trends, guest’s expectations and to enhance our services. This information may be shared with third party as well but these parties are also contractually bound to ensure privacy protection of your information.

How we collect personal information?

  • Information is collected on our website through cookies as you initially visit our website (piece of software that keep’s track of a visitor/user) to give user a customized experience. Cookies may collect your personal information for marketing and advertising purpose. If you do not block cookies, you will be assumed to have agreed to use of such cookies by us. Cookies help us in collection of useful data such as number of visitors, popular pages etc. If you do not wish to accept use of cookies, you can block them from your Internet browser setting.
  • Information collected through us “Information Request” form where you will be asked to submit information such as name, address, email etc. This information may be asked in order to have you participate in online surveys and promotions. These details will be protected under privacy policy and we will only email you if you want us to. If you do not wish to submit this information over internet, you can contact our reservation office to do so. You will be asked if you wish to be placed on a subscription list so you can be indicated about offers, new products and promotions. You can accept or decline to be part of this list or can remove yourself at any time in future.
  • Information is collected at the time of booking which would include your complete personal details, contact and payment details. The form that collects this information will be secure and your credit card will be verified with a checking sequence in order to protect the purchase. Credit card will be used to guarantee reservation and invoice along with authorization form would be sent to you. You will need to send signed scanned copy along with passport copy for payment. Once transaction is completed, you will see a thank you screen and a confirmation email will be sent to you soon. All the payment details are protected with encryption technology. A copy of your booking profile will be retained on our website database in order to identify users. This would not include your credit card number.
  • We may need to collect some additional information to comply with the financial and law regulations of the region.

How we store personal information?

  • We store your personal information in secure locations and these information are only accessible by designated individuals.
  • Information is stored in our Central Reservation System in order to give you customized experience and excellent customer service.
  • Information may be stored for marketing, research and promotional purpose.
  • Information may be stored, used or transferred to courts, national security and law enforcement agencies.

In certain cases, information may remain insecure:

  • Unauthorized entry or use over internet.
  • Hardware or software failure.
  • Databases hosted by third parties.
  • Risk is always associated with email communication. We recommend you to not include confidential information on emails especially one-on-one emails.
  • If browser not properly closed. We recommend you to close your browsers immediately after completion of a reservation form.

How you can access your personal information?

You can request us to provide your personal information but for that purpose, we may need you to prove your identity at the time of request. For all the in person requests for information during your stay, we may need you to provide us some kind of photo identification such as your passport or a driver’s license. We may also ask you to sign a form.

For information requested through email, letter or fax; we would need copy of your photo identification (issued by government) along with your signed request. Some additional personal information may be asked such as your address, phone number etc., in order to confirm your identity.

Kenzan Camps and Safaris have the right to reject any request for personal information under any circumstances. Reason for non-disclosure will be provided.

If at any point, you wish to access or update your personal details with us, you can reach us by email.