Serengeti Great Migration Trends


East Africa’s most popular and sought-after adventure that all of nature and wildlife lovers’ requests to witness once-in-a-lifetime is the sighting of incredible Great Migration. It is undeniably at top of the list of every wildlife enthusiast tourist. This unforgiving, thrilling and never-ending trek is a journey that happens every year. Sight and sound of over 1.5 million wildebeest, 500,000 zebras, 200,000 Thompson’s gazelle and 18,000 elands constantly move for survival. Their relentless pursuit of lush greenery and vegetation to graze is really astonishing.

Despite the Great Migration happening every year, no two years have ever been the same. Differentiation in terms of routing, timing, and magnitude can be witnessed as their movements and patterns are closely monitored. The path of movements of these creatures is dictated purely by Mother Nature that herself is unpredictable. Although one thing that never changes is the crowd of curious travelers continuing to travel here from all around the world to watch the awe-inspiring and most dramatic event as it happens here. Countless wildlife documentaries have been made yet the experience still remains indescribable as to what it could truly be when you witness it with your own eyes in the Serengeti National Park.

This ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ can simply be imagined as one mega herd with a combination of countless smaller herds. Tirelessly the wild life creatures travel in a never stopping pattern as they move through huge landscapes and plains towards hills and riverbanks. The most jaw-dropping sight is the dangerous river crossings as thousands of these thundering hooves cross the Grumeti River. They are of course always feared by the existence of dangerous predators (especially crocodiles) lurking nearby for their catch. At these crossings, there are excellent chances of viewing a dramatic kill in action however it is certainly not a sight for faint-hearted. The events can even get intense away from the river crossings as many of the iconic predators (like lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and wild dogs) follow herds during migration for an exciting feast.

These action-packed events happen so quickly and they are so incredible that many spectators forget to capture these moments in their cameras as they take it in through their eyes. But beyond that don’t forget to have fun as you watch the sheer drama of the Serengeti Great Migration.

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