Serengeti Great Migration Trends


Follow the great migration of herds as they head towards in search of greenery and water during their annual journey through Tanzania. Kenzan has three camps at different exotic locations of Serengeti and you can move between these camp sites to view incredibly interesting wildlife round the year. Thousands of animals happily roll over Serengeti plains offering a beautiful display.

Middle of February, these animals are seen towards the Southern region. This is the time when you can witness female wildebeest giving birth to a new life and watching that youngster stumbling and staggering on their feet within minutes of their birth is truly a magical sight. Life during this time seems idyllic for wild creatures with plenty of food for them. A few hundreds of them begin to move and this is when the world-famous terrestrial migration begins on earth.

As wildebeest travel through varied regions, they have predators waiting for them over plains as well as in rivers including lions, cheetahs, leopards and crocodiles. The trek crosses popular Grumeti and Mara Rivers during October while battling fatigue and fear before they could reach the nutrient-rich green grass paradise. As wildlife moves through different locations, guests get excellent opportunities to click awe-inspiring pictures.

The Serengeti Great Migration is not only single largest movement of wildlife creatures but is listed as the eighth Natural Wonder in the world. Over 1.5 million wildebeests and some hundred thousands of zebras, gazelles and elands act as an entity in their journey to rut, become companions, fight or die as they head for their next food and water source. The migration is an epic survival journey with moments of fierceness and battles as they travel and return in search of grasslands.

There is action in the Serengeti National Park in every season and our campsites offer you a closer view of the migration with their ideal locations and easy game drives. Appreciate the beauty of this exciting natural phenomenon. You can also become part of it with a 4x4 game viewing as you track and closely observe these creatures moving on the ground. You can even zoom this action while being in the air in a hot air balloon safari and view as the millions of creatures act out their ancient ritual for their spectators.

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