Safari vacation can be anything from a relationship bonding exercise to a volunteering activity for the protection of wildlife or it could be a learning, research, and development program for educating the community. Although, African wildlife safari is most popular holiday destination known for family vacations, honeymoons and for the celebration of events that bring the family together. For those planning for family safari vacation in Serengeti, the best option should serve needs of all generations including parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. Not only safari should include activities they would love but levels of health and ability need to be considered too.

A perfect family safari offers a suitable accommodation such as a private family-friendly tented campsite, villa or cottage. An exciting family safari through eye-catching Serengeti region offers richest game drives for families that will touch parents and kids alike. Cultural entertainment, learning programs, and activities for kids would make safari ideal for the entire family. Families can take guided safari excursions amongst the raw wilderness with peace of mind for the safety of their family. There is too much beauty to explore and the entire family can enjoy together viewing it with an early morning hot air balloon safari (for kids aged 7 and more).

Catch a glimpse of famous wildlife animals including happy hippos, elephants and giraffes moving around like greeters in Serengeti. Plenty of fun-filled age appropriate activities are tailored according to unique preferences of families. Kids get to interact with tribes and learn diversified tribal cultures on an African safari. Cherish the moments as grandparents/parents connect with kids as they watch in awe a stalking lion or herds of precisely marked zebras or overflowing playful hippos in river pools and plenty of variant birds.

Spend time on game drives to witness migrating wildebeest and dense lion prides. Track sightings of all the Big 5 to look out for. Learn about the history of the Serengeti with exhibits at the Serengeti Visitor Center. Explore the weathered gigantic rock formations as you view the interesting Moru Kopjes. Experience flying over the plains for an aerial view of the Serengeti. Consider combining your adventurous Serengeti Safari with a family beach vacation.There is plenty to see and African safari could never be dry. There is more than you can pick for planning an engaging and enriching Serengeti safari with family.

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